Advanced Search

The Advanced Search operations allow users to quickly and flexibly search for jobs, contacts, files, proofs etc. based on certain details. The query words and symbols described below allows users to filter searches for better results. Advanced search results can also be refined by using the browse button located in each widget.

Query Description Example
Apply a specific filter using the attribute you want to search. Attributes vary by widget. name: project name to search
Find information matching item A OR item B. (OR is case sensitive). text: text in file OR id:003
Searches for "text in file" or a job with id number 003.
" " (quotes) Search for an exact phrase. "proof 123"  Find project with exact phrase "proof 123." Not case sensitive.
( ) Used to combine words in a search and specify terms. text: the best proof, name:(proof3, companyB)
Find the text best proof within a file or files with the name containing proof3 and companyB.
, (comma) Used to list multiple items within one attribute search. Or used to search more than one attribute. Works with () too. 
entrydate:11/12/13, id:123
Finds an item entered on 11/12/13 with the job id containing 123.
- (hyphen) Exclude items from search. project X, -project Y
Find files for project X, but not for project Y.
.. (two periods) Used to search through a range. It can be open ended. 
entrydate: 11/12/13..    
duedate: 10/20..10/27
Finds a file entered on or after 11/12/13. Finds files with due dates on and between 10/20 through 10/27.
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