Widget Advanced Search Attributes

Jobs Widget: text, name, type, status, entrydate, duedate

Campaigns Widget: text, id, name, startdate, enddate, status

Estimates Widget: text, id, name, job

Opportunities Widget: text, id, title, account_code, status, stage, product, value, owner, closed, ends, created, name

People Widget: text, description, title, firstname, lastname, companyNames, linkedin, facebook, skype, twitter, phone

To Do Widget: text, type, status, id, name, action

Procurements Widget: id, title, type, status, job, due, text

Prospects Widget: text, id, name, status, owner, address1, address2, city, state, country, type

Purchase Orders Widget: text, no, name, date, vendor, status

Reports Widget: text

Requests Widget: text, number, type, requestType, status, name, email

Vendor Bills Widget: text, no, name, date, vendor, po, status

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